Fogo Brazilia Central Park


The taste of Brazil One of the standout restaurants in the new Central Park Sydney urban village. This project consisted of:

– JC Ventilation mechanical design drawings and consultation of both the air conditioning system and mechanical ventilation system

– To supply a Temperzone MD420 unit as part of the central air conditioning system which is connected to the building’s chilled water system.

– Supply and install 1 make up air system. This involves all ducting to run from the front of the shop and into a filter box and 1 makeup air fan which is connected to the hood system.

– Supply and install 1 stainless steel kitchen exhaust hood (5500 x 1300 x 900) which is made as two hoods with stainless steel grease filters.

– Kitchen exhaust ducting and kitchen exhaust fan, access panels and dampers to be installed.

The first stage of the project involves a mechanical drawing implementing a mechanical ventilation system, chilled water air conditioning system and makeup air system.

Our mechanical engineers implemented a chilled water system for the air conditioning system. Water chillers cool the water with pumps and pipes as the water passes through the coil tubes to cool air within the system. JC Ventilation chose water cooled chillers as they are proven to be more energy efficient than what is used typically. The air conditioning system included four 400 diameter jet diffusers which were installed at the face of the bulkhead and at the opposite side of the restaurant. Two linear diffusers (1200 x 150) were also installed at the face of the bulkhead.

The mechanical ventilation included make up being drawn out the face of the kitchen exhaust hood. A spigot connection was installed at the top of kitchen exhaust hood for makeup air flexible connection.

Plenum kitchen exhaust ducting was installed at the top of the kitchen exhaust hood so that the exhausted air can be evenly distributed across the kitchen exhaust hood. Volume control dampers and access panels were implemented into the kitchen exhaust system. The ventilation design included one backward centrifugal kitchen exhaust fan with the kitchen exhaust ducting connected into the main system.

This project was a challenge for the team at JC Ventilation due to the height involved in this project as they worked on scaffolds and scissor lifts. The project was a great success and the implemented mechanical design made the the project run along quite smoothly.

  • Client :  Fogo Brazilia Central Park
  • Address :  RB11/28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008