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JC Ventilation & Engineering Pty Ltd provides Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services across NSW.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems must be serviced on a regular basis. From the point of entrance to the exhaust exit vent, they create a serious fire danger and cause several health problems over time.

If an event occurs, certificates of compliance and invoices must be produced otherwise your insurance coverage will be ruled invalid.

JC Ventilation & Engineering offers maintenance services and plans for kitchen exhaust systems and commercial airconditioning.


What we do

In industrial kitchens, our skilled HVAC cleaning services are critical for preventing food safety and fire safety hazards. A well maintainedkitchen exhaust ventilation system improves health standards, creates a more hygienic image, improves airflowsthe kitchen exhaust system and employee comfort, increases energy savings, and ensures compliance with OHS and regulations.

If there is a lot of grease on the inside of your ducting, it will ignite and move upwards and out to the exhaust fan.Regular duct degreasing by a professional will lessen the danger of grease fires and is mandated by the most recent Australian Standards. When you have JC Ventilation & Engineering Kitchen clean your kitchen exhaust system on a regular basis, you will prevent frequent maintenance issues like worn fans, motors, and potential fire threats.

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