Kitchen exhaust filtration systems

We will supply comprehensive kitchen exhaust filtration systems, including uv kitchen exhaust hoods, electrostatic filtration, uv ozone systems, mister systems, activated carbon filtration systems, and ozone generators, at JC Ventilation & Engineering. Kitchen exhaust filtration systems are designed to eliminate cooking smoke, grease, and odours, and we also provide maintenance services to maintain the system operating at peak efficiency.

JC Ventilation & Engineering offers kitchen exhaust filtration system design, installation, and maintenance.


What We Offer

JC Ventilation & Engineering Pty Ltd offers detailed solutions for kitchen exhaust filtration systems for new and existing restaurants, including mechanical design and installation of kitchen exhaust filtration to remove smoke and fumes, as well as cooking odours, from exhaust discharges on the roof, street, or horizontal discharge in accordance with AS 1668 AND NCC performance requirements.

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